Wednesday, July 30, 2008

matcha zebra cake

I saw zebra cake at somewhere. it was chocolate & vanilla swill .
it looked beautiful!
I wanted try to make it. but I had no cocoa or anything chocolate stuff to use for baking.
so, I decided to use matcha powder instead of cocoa.
every time when I use matcha powder for baking,ended up too much matcha flavor.
( I guess I just using too much of it ).
any way. recipe uses 2tbs of dark cocoa powder.
so I used just 1 tbs of matcha powder.

result ?
cake was very moist & delicious.
sweet enough,you could drop some cream maybe.

but it needed bit more matcha was bit too mild.

but this look of cake is so pretty. no chemical green color,it's natural.
I liked a lot. but next time I would add 2tbs of matcha.
and I would like to try to make chocolate version.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Have you ever tried kare-pan before ?
it is Japanese bread filed with pasty curry and deep fried.
I never even thought of make this at my kitchen.
suddenly hit me kare-pan yesterday for some reason.
I was in the middle of making bread.
usually just bread, or sometimes wrapped with mustard,cheese & ham.
or chocolate.
but I wanted something different, so this is perfect time to try kare-pan.

I made curry-like filling. nothing like real curry.
sweetened with mirin, soy sauce for japanese-y flavor.
wrap curry with dough, then fried.
my vegetable oil had ran out, so I fried them in olive oil.

I was't sure that how much olive oil add flavor to it.
it didn't affected at all.

bread came out perfect.tasted just like the one you can buy bakery.
I don't think anybody make kare-pan if you were living in japan.
because they are available every bakery.
but it was nice experience for me to make something very familiar food in my kitchen.

especially for me, kare-pan was one of my favorite food when I was kid.
so It was very satisfied experience .

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

citrus yogurt cake

I bought big tub of yogurt but wasn't thinking what's for.
I decided to make yogurt cake.
I made it before. but last time I made one was really dense & bit too heavy for me.

I used this recipe (
reduced oil to 1/3 cup, added orange & lemon zest.
for glaze, I used grapefruit jam which I made few weeks ago.

cake was soft , moist. but not so much citrus-y as I expected.
jam is pretty tangy it self. but with cake quite mild for some reason.

over all, very easy & light & refreshing so I liked.
may be good with whipped cream or some kind of sweetened rich creme .

Saturday, March 22, 2008

bunny !

bunny cupcakes for my kid's school.
I saw similar cake on web, & I re created my way.
ears, eyes are fondan. nose is m&m, whiskers are bean thread noodle.
it look kind a stupid. but I thought so pretty !

they are mini cup cakes size. you can tell how small they are.
this lemon is quite small. mini size made them bit more prettier. I think.

Friday, January 4, 2008

gingerbread house 2

this is 2nd gingerbread house.
used different recipe & different decoration.
this time tasted great !
perfect with coffee or tea.

usually I don't like iced cookie.
but this cookies for some reason,iced one taste better !

I think we had enough gingerbread house this winter.
but If we want it, maybe we'll make one more house ...

gingerbread house 1

my very first gingerbread house.
decorated by my kid.
It's messy look.
but It was fun to make.
the recipe I used for gingerbread cookie was bit strange taste...
so we will try another one soon.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas cookies

cookies for school's holiday party.
I wanted make them on Popsicles sticks.
but I didn't have enough of them so just cookies.
I hope kids kike them.